Jaqueline Mattel was born in Pfaffenhofen / Ilm. Her first appearances were at company parties, birthdays and weddings. Because of the enthusiasm of the audience, Jaqueline Mattel wanted to conquer the big stage of the world. Her first public appearance was at a dance tournament of the Bavarian dance schools in Freising.


In 2007 he won a talent competition in Munich. Crowned as a winner, this was the breakthrough to great success. This was followed by the first shows with stage colleague Alexis Diamantis and appearances with her colleague Mandy Montana. After 5 years, Jaqueline Mattel took a creative break.


In 2014 she founded the travesty group “Die Thekenschlampen” and brought up-and-coming artists onto the stage. Jacqueline Mattel not only teaches her colleagues how to organize the program, but also how to put on make-up and perform. Success confirmed their efforts and two sold-out shows followed.


In January 2015, Jaqueline Mattel set herself a goal: up-and-coming artists. She tinkered with Rosa Blümel and Carmen Cyrus on the Herrliche GRAZIEN program and another milestone in her career was set. After a sold out show in Uttenhofen, Jaqueline Mattel withdrew for health reasons, but did not remain idle and decided to expand the Graces with young artists and to develop a new show concept. This is how the association "Munich's new travesty" was created, with which it gives new and inexperienced artists the opportunity to participate in a show.


The new programs with changing guest artists (newcomers) have been taking place regularly on various stages in and around Munich since January 2016.

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Game of the sexes


In 2017 the Donaukurier reported on our Jaqueline


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